Chase, Holly.jpg

Holly Chase
Special Education-Senior Team Lead

College Education/degree:
Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art/Anthropology, Colorado State University 2006
Special Education Generalist k-12, Metropolitan State University 2010
Masters of Education, Special Education, Concordia University 2015
Why I am committed to teaching at DCISM:  I have a strong passion for creating an environment that fosters creativity, self-determination, and engaging students in authentic activities and projects that allow them to challenge themselves on a variety of levels.  I like the creative aspect that goes along with teaching at an Alternative Pathways school.  I love working in a diverse setting and strongly believe each of my students possess amazing skills, experiences and personal knowledge to share with our community.  I feel extremely lucky to get the chance to know each of these young scholars!
Your Vision (for life):  My goal is to make a positive impact on others and help people make the most of any given situation.  I want to support my students so they can be successful, independent members of our society.  I have no doubt my students can go on to be mentors, older siblings and role models to the next generation.
A learning experience that changed me:  Being a parent!  Anyone who has partaken in this journey knows this incredible, rewarding task.
Favorite book:  So many!  The first book that really stuck with me was Where the Red Fern Grows.
Hobbies/Interests:  I love knitting, sewing, cooking, reading, snowboarding, traveling.  Most of all I love to always be learning, whether it be through reading a book, eating something crazy or meeting people that live their lives completely different then what Iā€™m used to.  Oh, and I love shopping, watching reality TV and cats!