Arts Street finds home at DCIS at Montbello

DCIS at Montbello is home to some of the world's most promising future workers and community leaders -- many of whom know the joys of hanging out at Arts Street.

Founded in 1995 to help at-risk youth channel their artistic talents, creative ideas and natural curiosity into real-world work experience and limitless professional opportunities, Arts Street is nationally recognized as one of the best after-school arts programs in the United States.

And now it's calling DCIS at Montbello home. The organization has been awarded dedicated space on our campus for its operations and outstanding workshops, which are designed for students ages 4-18. Our school's mission aligns with Arts Street's exuberant tagline: "Creative kids today. Smart workforce tomorrow!"

"The world's biggest challenges will be solved by creative thinkers," said Arts Street founder and Chief Executive Officer Stella Yu, who has worked for decades in art education and as the owner of  "To unleash that creativity, we must care for young people. We must nurture them. We must inspire them. We must expose them to exercises and activities that teach discipline, work ethic and practical skills -- all things that will serve them and their communities well."

DCIS at Montbello students are invited -- and highly encouraged -- to participate in Arts Street's after-school programs, which are offered at no cost or low cost. Programming for students ages 11-18 emphasizes hands-on work in cognitive media, data visualization, digital theater and global communications. The organization's "Team Jobs" program is designed for students ages 14-18. Participating youth work as apprentices to professionals and are sometimes paid to complete projects -- such as the construction of public art installations -- that give them both real-world job experience and a sense of the satisfaction that comes from employment and community service.

Find Arts Street's latest program schedule here .

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