DCISM's Asia Society Connection

The ISSN currently works with 34 schools in both urban and rural communities across the United States to develop curricula and learning environments that: 
  • Promote, through an array of international studies, a sense of belonging for every student and supports his or her personal growth.
  • Offer students opportunities to explore their neighborhoods -- and the world
  • Encourage students to learn more than one language
  • Promote the use of new technologies that connect people and institutions worldwide
  • Equip students for internships and community service
  • Help teachers bring out the best in their pupils

ISSN schools are showing impressive results. The Consortium for Policy Research in Education and Hypothesi, Inc., analyzed ISSN data from 2004-08, comparing the performance of in-network schools with out-of-network schools with similar demographic profiles within the same school districts. Across grade levels and core subject areas of English, math, science and social studies, ISSN schools showed greater academic achievement -- and ISSN schools graduated more students. 

Locally, ISSN’s work also has yielded success. The Denver Center for International Studies in downtown Denver has been an ISSN school since 2006. Ninth and 10th grade students have scored at least 58 percent higher than the district average on the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) in reading, writing and math. DCIS’ 10th graders have scored more than double the district’s average score in science. DCIS also has an impressive graduation rate of 100 percent of their seniors since 2006. 

DCISM is grateful for its partnership with Asia Society!

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