Graduation Rehearsal

Tuesday, May 30th 
10:30 AM
(Students only)

You MUST ride the bus to Graduation Rehearsal!!! If you do not take the bus, or miss Graduation Rehearsal, you will not be allowed to walk on Graduation Day!

The bus leaves PROMPTLY at 10:30 AM!

Seniors only, no friends or family

Must ride the bus from DCISM to DU and back

Please devote your full attention!

You don’t want to be the person who doesn’t know what to do, or misses her/his name!

Graduation Day!
Thursday, June 1st 
5:00-9:00 PM (for Students)
8:00-9:00 PM (for Guests)

DU Ritchie Center
Magness Arena
2240 Butchel Blvd. 
Denver, CO 

Students MUST ride the bus to DU! 

The bus leaves promptly at 5:00 PM!

Do NOT be late, if you miss the bus, you miss graduation!

Pre-Graduation Day Expectations!

Please NO air-horns or helium balloons!

No video recording, DU will be recording the ceremony and copies will be available online.

Photography will be allowed, but no parents, family, or other guests will be available on the arena floor or near the stage area. A professional photographer will be present to take pictures of students walking across the stage and receiving their diploma; copies will be available online after the ceremony. 

Graduation Day Expectations!

BE ON TIME! Busses leave promptly at 5:00 PM (last day you will ever have to take the bus from DCISM – please don’t miss it!)

Please have your Cap and Gown in hand when you are getting on the bus!

Please be respectful and courteous to speakers, guests, and teachers so that everything runs smoothly!

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